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Non-Vegetarian Keto Recipes

Non-Vegetarian Ketogenic Recipes: Keto Chicken Pulao (Pilaf)

Here’s a wonderful recipe to make chicken Pulao which is Keto friendly. Keto Chicken Pulao (Pilaf) | Keto Recipes Nutrition Info (Macros): Calories: 456 Net Carbs: 7g Carbs: 12g Fat: 27g Protein: 40g Fiber: 5g Ingredients: 300 grams Cauliflower Rice 300 grams Boneless Chicken Leg and Thigh Meat 60 grams Tomato Chopped 50 grams Diced […] Continue reading →

Non-Vegetarian Ketogenic Recipes: Curry Roast Chicken

Here is a very simple Indian recipe to make curry roast chicken. Curry Roast Chicken – Keto Indian Chicken Recipe Ingredients to make Curry Roast Chicken: 1)Chicken legs with skin on 2)Salt 3)Whole pepper corns 4)Ghee Gravy :- (All ingredients according to taste. Bad Indian curries can ALWAYS be fixed with a few adjustments) 5)Chicken […] Continue reading →

Non-Vegetarian Ketogenic Recipes: Keto Chicken Breast Crown

Learn how to make this amazing chicken breast crown with Ranveer. This is a really good recipe which you can try while you are on a Ketogenic diet. Keto Chicken Breast Crown – BeerBiceps Keto Chicken Recipe INGREDIENTS :- 1)Chicken breast ON THE CROWN 2)Salt 3)Pepper 4)Garlic 5)Apple Cider Vinegar 6)Cheese (optional) 7)Oil 8)Oregano (optional) […] Continue reading →

Non-Vegetarian Keto Recipes: Kerala Chicken

The Kerala chicken recipe is one of the best suited to the Ketogenic diet, which comprises of low carbs, high fat and moderate protein. This is a complete keto recipes in Indian style and it has been made easier for you. Kerala Chicken – Indian Keto Recipes – BeerBiceps Chicken Recipes Ingredients: 1) Chicken Legs […] Continue reading →

Non-Vegetarian Keto Recipes: Chicken Seekh Kabab

Here is a non-vegetarian Ketogenic diet recipe to make an Indian style delicious Chicken Seekh Kabab. Chicken Seekh Kabab – Keto Recipes Indian Style  Ingredients :- 1)Ginger-Garlic-Chilly Paste 2)Red Chilly powder 3)Turmeric 4)Salt 5)Garam Masala 6)Minced Chicken (kheema) 7)Egg Yolk 8)Ghee/Oil 9)Coriander The seekh kabab is traditionally made with red meat, but its has been […] Continue reading →