Ketogenic Breakfast Recipes: Keto Upma

While on ketogenic diet, it is common to hear people complaining about having eggs for breakfast every morning. They crave for a change in taste and today’s recipe will help you do just that. This recipe recreates a popular vegetarian, south Indian breakfast item called Upma which is originally made from semolina but today to […] Continue reading →

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Ketogenic Diet?

At some point during the Ketogenic diet you might have noticed that you are not losing any weight for a few days. Don’t panic just watch this video to understand the 4 reasons behind it. Why You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto | Weight Loss on the Ketogenic Diet The 4 reasons you might not […] Continue reading →

Ketogenic Dessert Recipe: Amazing Keto Fudge

Do you miss the chocolate desserts you used to enjoy before you started your keto diet? Now you can make a low carb dessert for your next meal with this keto recipe. Amazing Keto Fudge Recipe Ingredients: Softened cream cheese 120gm Dark Cocoa Powder 3 tbs Melted Butter 120gm Walnut 40 gm Stevia ½ ts […] Continue reading →

Non-Vegetarian Ketogenic Recipes: Keto Chicken Breast Crown

Learn how to make this amazing chicken breast crown with Ranveer. This is a really good recipe which you can try while you are on a Ketogenic diet. Keto Chicken Breast Crown – BeerBiceps Keto Chicken Recipe INGREDIENTS :- 1)Chicken breast ON THE CROWN 2)Salt 3)Pepper 4)Garlic 5)Apple Cider Vinegar 6)Cheese (optional) 7)Oil 8)Oregano (optional) […] Continue reading →

Vegetarian Keto Dessert Recipe: Keto Kesri Halwa

Watch this video to learn how to make Kesri Halwa with Keto friendly ingredients. It’s an amazing option to satiate your sweet tooth while on the keto diet. Keto Kesri Halwa (Sheera) Ingredients: 1 cup Dry Roast Almonds, 1 cup Walnuts Ghee / Clarified butter Malai Paneer / Cottage Cheese Kesar Stevia Preparation: Roast the […] Continue reading →